The BEST Honey Butter Bread!

honey butter rolls (best recipe ever)

I never feel bad for being a hotdogger and raving about a recipe that isn’t mine. I’m actually jealous that this recipe isn’t mine because it’s incredible. I used my favorite blogger, Kristin from Pastry Affair’s recipe! Her blog is addicting. The way she writes and how she tells a story in each post will take your breath away. She has a way with words and I’ve never read a better blog. I love reading her posts around the holidays because she captures you and it’s hard to turn away.  She makes you relate to almost every word. I always feel like I’m with her while reading her posts! And on top of her impressive text, her photography is perfect. You’ll know what I’m talking about after you check her out. She inspires me to be a better blogger.

perfect honey butter bread

On Monday night, I was feeling much better. The temperature was 65 degrees in Iowa. It was perfect for grilling out and spending time with my family. While my dad cleaned his grill and build a bon fire, I prepared dinner. My mom sat out with Mr. Grumples enjoying a glass of wine. We made barbecue chicken breast, sweet green beans, and homemade bread. After this post, I’ll share the recipe for the chicken.

A healthy lifestyle involves balance and moderation. You can’t illuminate every unhealthy food, or you’ll feel deprived and most likely binge on it down the road. I like to add a little unhealthy into my diet, but I make sure the healthy foods outweigh it. That makes eating healthier and my lifestyle more attainable.

honey butter rolls (best recipe ever)

When you look at my post and then at Kristin’s, you’ll see who took more time with it! But, I can honestly say that they still tasted “heavenly” although they didn’t look perfect like hers.

She made hers into rolls, but I took the lazy way out and made it into a bread.


*2 teaspoons active dry yeast *1 cup barely warm water *1/4 cup honey + 1 tablespoon, divided  *1 teaspoons salt  *1 egg  *3 cups all-purpose flour

For top: *1 tablespoon butter ,melted  *1 tablespoon honey


1. Add yeast and warm water to a large mixing bowl. Let the yeast sit on top of the water before you stir for about five minutes.
2. Stir in the honey, egg, and salt with the water and yeast.
3. Mix in the flour. You can use a mixer, but I (lazy way out) used my hands.

honey butter rolls (best recipe ever)

4. I added the dough to a floured glass bowl and kneaded it for about five minutes. I ended up adding 4 more tablespoons of flour because it was sticky and hard to work with.

honey butter rolls (best recipe ever)

5. Add the dough to a greased bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and a cloth.
6. Let the dough rise (double in size) for about two hours in a heated area. I opened the oven and placed the bowl on the door. The oven was heated to 150 degrees.
7. After the dough rises, punch it down and add it to a greased baking pan. Let it rise for another 20 minutes.
8. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
9. Add the melted butter and honey on top of the dough.
10. Bake for about 20 minutes or until it has risen and the toothpick comes out clean in the center.

honey butter rolls (best recipe ever)

The top will be  nice and crispy and the inside will be fluffy and soft. The texture was outstanding. I’m super hungry just thinking about it. I can’t wait to make this for Jeremy this week.


I know i’ll be making this for every holiday from now on!


  • stella

    holy crap these were so freaking good

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  • carol

    quick question , what is “barley water” do they sell it in most grocery stores?

    *love you blog I’ve been following it for quite some time 🙂

    Reply to carol
  • Abby

    Just commenting to say that I totally agree with what you said about Kristin! She’s one of my favorite bloggers, too. I love love love her!

    Reply to Abby
  • Kelli

    can you use almond flour for this?

    Reply to Kelli
  • Livi

    OMG yum! I want to try a gluten free version of this!

    Reply to Livi
  • Sara

    I was just hooked on your blog, but now I have another- thanks to this post.

    Reply to Sara
  • Sharon

    That’s how I feel about reading Oh She Glows – Angela’s website is vegan (I’m not) but her words and her photography make your mouth water.

    Reply to Sharon
  • Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    Oh wow! This looks delicious. Bookmarking this for the future 🙂

    Reply to Sara @ LovingOnTheRun
  • Amanda

    Can a gluten free flour be substituted? Have you tried that yet?

    Reply to Amanda

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