Valentines Day is Not Overrated.


You either love it or hate it.

I don’t think I’ve ever hated Valentines day. Actually, it’s one of my favorite holidays. Even during my single years, I loved it. I didn’t drown myself in wine crying over how single I was. I usually went out with my friends or parents. Valentines day always excited me as a kid. I remember making my own cards for our elementary school parties. I always added extra glitter on the boy’s cards. I was a “boy crazy” little girl. Most little girls run around screaming “boys have cooties”, but not me! I just wanted to catch their cooties. Did I ever tell you that my first kiss was in kindergarten? Yup! With a boy named, Max. I’m just lucky that the “boy crazy” phase stopped by middle school. It’s not as cute when you’re that age.

One thing I didn’t grow out of? Making Valentines day cards!

I made one for Jeremy yesterday. I only spent five minutes on it, but the cheesy poem inside made it better.


After finishing up some work, I went out to pick up Jeremy something for Valentines day. I even had a personal driver.


 When I got back from gift shopping, I made a protein smoothie!

-1 Medium Banana, 1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder, 1 Packet Stevia, 1 Cup Frozen Rasberries, 1 Cup Frozen Kale, 1 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk, 1 Cup Ice, and 1/2 Tsp Vanilla.


I had a little bowl of yogurt and cereal with my smoothie, too.


Before Jeremy got home, I set his gifts on the counter. I bought him the new Crown Royal XO. Jeremy collects whiskey and the XO has only been out for about a month and I was excited to get it for him. My grandpa was a whiskey drinker. He used to always say “I love you more than whisky” which must have been a lot 😉

Before I get all of the “SMOKING IS SO BAD FOR YOU”, I’m aware. Everything is bad for your these days, but Jeremy enjoys a cigar every now and then. He smokes maybe a total of 10 a year and doesn’t inhale. I still understand it’s unhealthy, but who am I to tell him he can’t do something he enjoys? And I don’t have a problem with it. Now, if he was a cigarette smoker, I’d have a problem.

I bought Jeremy a customized humidor for Christmas a couple years ago and I like to buy him cigars for it every now and then. It’s an awesome guy gift and they love it. I picked him up some new ones for Valentines day yesterday.

I also bought him a bouquet of balloons.


After setting up his gifts, I got ready for our date. He told me we were going somewhere, but wouldn’t tell me where. I hate when that happens because I don’t know what to wear! I decided to go with the dark black skinny jeans and a pale pink laced shirt. I have more lace in my closet than anyone I know. If I were to turn all my laced clothes into a tablecloth, It could be used at the royal family’s Christmas party.


I had my floral pants on all day long to put myself in the Valentines day mood, but couldn’t wear them to dinner. Jeremy makes fun of them. Calls them my “grandma” pants. Why do guys think anything floral is considered “grandma.” Then again, he thinks everything I wear reminds him of his grandma. But, this is coming from the guy who wears white socks with dress pants.


When Jeremy got home, he walked into the living room with this 4ft Tall bouquet of flowers. I was in shock. I expected a gas station flower. When we were living in Chicago, he picked me up flowers and a stuffed animal at the ghetto gas station in Garfield park. The roses had money signs and bling. They were kind of cool. It’s the thought that counts, right?

I was confused as to how he fit them into his convertible. He said he road home with the top down. Jeremy is nuts; it was 20 degrees last night! This was a nice surprise and a great start to our Valentines day.  I couldn’t even count the amount of roses! The teddy at the bottom of the vase made me laugh, but it was still cute.


Our night was going as planned. We headed out the door to make our 8 o’clock reservations. We finally pulled up to Buca Di Beppo. I was so excited! Jeremy and I have heard so many great things about the food and restaurant. I was super hungry and ready to order some delicious Italian food. I had been craving garlic bread all day!

When we entered, we could hardly get through the door. The vestibule was packed. We finally made our way up to the host and let her know we were here for our reservation at 8. The host told us we’d be seated shortly. Buca had overbooked terribly and failed to inform anyone. They just left everyone who had made reservations hanging. Jeremy is a very impatient person and hates waiting longer than 15 minutes to be seated. He was being so patient and I could tell he was frustrated because he had made a reservation and wanted the night to be perfect. An entire hour and a half had passed and we were STILL standing their waiting for a table we reserved. Jeremy walked up to the host to ask how much longer the wait would be and she said there were three people ahead of us. We waited fifteen more minutes, no one was seated, so we left. At that point, we didn’t want to give them our business. When I worked at the country club, only a certain amount of people could be reserved per hour, and we made sure that table was actually reserved. This was just horrible management. We were out of luck because it was Valentines day and we’d have to wait if we went anywhere else, so we just gave up and decided to eat at a fast food place.

We decided that next week when we are in Vegas, we’ll make up the Valentine’s dinner.


But, on the upside, Qdoba had a Valentines BOGO special going on. All you had to do was kiss your Valentine and you got your second meal free.  So instead of spending over $100 on a fancy dinner, we only spent $14.00 for our Valentines day dinner. The employees working there were the bubbliest and super fun!


I ordered the chicken salad with black beans, brown rice, cheese, black bean corn salsa, pico de gallo,  grilled vegetables, fajita vegetables and a side of picante ranch! Jeremy and I split chips and salsa, too.

After dinner, we picked up a Redbox, some chocolates,  a bottle of wine, and enjoyed the rest of our evening.

Even though our fancy dinner didn’t work out, we had a really good Valentines day together. It just goes to show that you don’t need anything to prove your love to each other.

But you do need chocolate.


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