Juicing Recipes…Got Any?

What is your favorite juicing recipe? I need some new ideas. Last time I put an entire ginger root in my juice and I felt like I was chugging black pepper. Let’s just say I’m new at this! Help me out!


  • Sarah Ware

    I love this juice.

    1 to 2 oranges
    4 carrots
    1 whole yellow bell pepper
    2 handfuls leaf spinach

    My favorite juice.

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  • Lindz

    Best green juice in the world! I really like to use all organic items, especially if I’m juicing them..
    -1 Cucumber
    -3 Pink Lady Apples
    -1 heart of romaine
    -1/2 lemon (sometimes I do a whole depending on how much spinach and kale I use)

    If you’re feeling really crazy, add a beet with it. You won’t even taste it and it is amazing for you. Warning: pee will be red lol 🙂

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  • Toni


    I’ve just started Juicing & so far I love this recipe:

    handful of Spinach
    1 apple
    4 ribs of celery
    1 beet
    3 carrots
    1 cucumber
    & 1 lemon

    Serves 2 & is delish!

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  • Jess

    I have an awesome green juice recipe. It is savory just like V8 Juice

    4-5 stocks of celery
    1/2 cucumber
    5-6 leaves of romaine
    I cup spinach or Kale
    Small piece of ginger
    Juice from one lemon
    Handful of parsley or cilantro (optional)

    The lemon really balances out the flavor.

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